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Story of my life#

Story of my life#

August 27, 2014

brockthecasbah said: i bet you were wearing your sailor cap when you posted that video

Nah. It’s still in the wash post-beach.

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How’s this for un-hipster, Brock? No?

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brockthecasbah said: say something un-hipster

Home Depot

August 27, 2014

Yeah I know it’s Wednesday

But I’m bored and depressed about not being there for whatever the hell Kate Bush is doing over the next two months on stage so someone distract me.

Pretty please.

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One would think…

One would think…

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I really need to start DVRing this show.

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“ But in 2014, the best way to appreciate My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is to step outside the fortress and meet the neighbors. West broke the ground upon which the new decade’s most brilliant architects built their masterworks; Bon Iver, Take Care, Channel Orange, and good kid, m.A.A.d city don’t exist without the blueprint of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. The list ends here because it’s where the decade truly begins. ”

From Ian Cohen’s justification for Kanye’s number one spot at the top of Pitchfork’s Best Albums of the Decade So Far. (Sorry. Spoiler Alert.)

Can we stop for a minute and note/lament the fact that he did not list any women among this decade’s “brilliant architects?”

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I remember this Björk. I miss this Björk. So so much.

I remember this Björk. I miss this Björk. So so much.

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