Jul 28

My response to Monday.

My response to Monday.

simplehombre said: Probably right after that Azealia Banks album we keep getting promised is coming…

Way harsh, Tai

Huff on shuffle

"Real" by Kendrick into "Activate" by Cassie

First of all, nice.

Second, when the frak is that second Cassie album going to be done?!

Jul 26

My kingdom for an LP1 promo!

Jul 23

android-dreams said: How'd you get locked out? That's why I always do a three-point pocket check before I leave the house: keys, wallet, cell phone!

I meant to leave the door unlocked while I ran the dogs out to pee really quick and went into autopilot and locked it anyway. Of course I realized it the second the door closed.

Know what though? Still beats the time my pants fell down while walking them.

Locked Out! -

Anyone want to entertain me while I wait for RJ to bring me a key?

Jul 22

I’m on a sidewalk safari. If I see you on the street, you better run.

I’m on a sidewalk safari. If I see you on the street, you better run.


Straight boys need to stop taking off their shirts at the train stop, of all places.

It’s not that hot.

And neither are they

(via android-dreams)

Jul 13

“All I see is America.” — RJ can’t tell the teams apart at the Phillies game.

Huff on shuffle

Sunday morning highlights…

"Gone My Love" by Pattern is Movement into "Star Me" by Le1f
Serious whoa moment. Didn’t even notice the transition for the first minute.

"Landscapes" by Cooly G into "Purple Kisses" by The-Dream
I’ve been kicking myself for only just discovering Cooly G this year despite her album being out for two years. Really stunning housey r&b stuff. I need to invest more time in Hyperdub’s roster in general.